Ancestors of my wife

My dearest wife Birgitte has of course ancestors. Here is a brief description of the ancestors of Birgitte Vallentin Kierulff. There will be some interesting ancestor lines for sure.

Birgitte’s fathers fathers line is unknown. We will skip it. Her family name Kierulff comes from a foster grandfather – the biological grandfather is unknown.

Her fathers mother Klara Elvira Jerling surprisingly have only swedish origin. It made me starting genealogy in a different country – luckily quite easy in Sweden!
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Or go directly to the ancestor’s database for the swedish line:      Swedish Ancestors of Klara.

In Birgitte’s mothers fathers line you find the family Flyger: We have an old handwritten family book, describing the contract soldier Johan Volkmann Pflüger deserting from the preussian army and escaping to Danmark. The same informations you may also find elsewhere of the internet….

Read more in Danish on the Flyger family…

and about the soldier himself   Johan Volkmann Pflüger.

Birgitte’s mother Inger-Lise Blichfeldt Flyger comes from the Nothern part of Sealand. In this lines you will also find family names like Westermann and Blichfeldt.
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You may find my mother-in-law’s ancestors here : Ancestors of Inger-Lise.

More details of Birgitte’s family will be made available later!