The concept Bearfields was actually meant as a joke – being simply a direct translation of my name.

In Japanese it would be translated to Kuma No as shown.

Bjørn or Bear is an ancient Danish given name – a person named after this animal would ideally get e.g. it’s strength and fearlessness. I try and I try, but I may not be 100% there yet!

Marcher or Fields – meant as agricultural fields – is simply a locality on the Isle of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. The parish Vester Marie (Western Mary) was sometimes in the past mentioned as Western Fields.

People in Denmark were often taking up family names from localities, so when Mr. Lars Mogensen from Vester Marie moved to the nearby town of Rønne, he should be called “Lars Mogensen fra Vester Marker”  –  meaning “Lars, son of Mogens, from the Western Fields”  –  or shorter Lars Mogensen Marcher.

Somehow, this locality name adhered to his descendants.