Westermann family

Family Westermann in North Sealand

My wife’s family also includes persons named Westermann. The name is probably of German origin, although the origin is not known to me. There are several Westermann families in Denmark, for example it seems a line came from Sweden to the Island of Amager in the late 1700’s. Another line is found in Copenhagen from around the 1800th There is a possible connection of the Westermann genealogy found here at Stegemüller’s website.

Internally the family is a story or myth of being descendants of a German Captain Westermann, who came to Denmark. The story can so far not be documented.

The origin of Westermann in my wife’s family is through Niels Westermann, born 1837 in Blovstrød. The mother is the unmarried Anne Cathrine Nielsdatter, and in her family the name cannot be found. We would like to hear more about who the father was! It is omitted in the church book!

This Niels Westermann had at least 7 children in Birkerød, Brønshøj and Kgs.Lyngby. His daughter Dorthea Westermann married Jørgen Peter Hansen and had 8 children. Their family settled on Saunte grasslands in Hornbæk parish, on the north coast of Zealand – close to the City of Helsingore. All of these children were originally known as Hansen’s from the father Jorgen Peter Hansen, but with a new Legislation on Names in 1904, they could get her mother maiden name Westermann, and this was officially granted 11.03.1911.

Many of these children are established several greenhouse nurseries, florists and vegetable outlets as nearby businesses. A part of the family has lived in Holmene (today a part of Holmenevej).

The JP Westermann’s nursery in Saunte was the beginning, later his son Henry made ​​his own nursery at Bobakkerne and afterwards Poul became a greengrocer, and Henry’s son Børge ran a flower shop. Lydia helped for a period Hans and his wife Josephine. Josephine led the Westermann nursery on after husband
Hans W. ‘s death. We would be happy to hear from descendants of all these Westermann’s….

A small photo gallery can be found here: West photos.