Flyger Family

“The Flyger Family Book” is a 30 page handwritten genealogy document; I received as a photocopy about 10 years ago. There were no other documents with the book, so I have no knowledge of the source. The document is written around 1926 with a neat handwriting by Christian Helmod Flyger, born 1863. It contains no pictures or illustrations. The book describes descendants of the german-born soldier Johan Volkmann Pflüger.

Most of the family soon spells the family name in a Danish way as Flyger, a spelling which are also used today. The Danish Statistics Bureau reports that a 166 persons bearing this family name in Denmark today (2011). The book describes individually the first 5-6 generations with a total of around 190 people, up to individuals born around 1926. The book does not claim to describe descendants completely, but it seems to strive towards it.

This early photo collage shows 3 generations of Flyger s – Johans son, a grandson and a granddaughter and their wives and Bakkegården, a farm in Torderup, Jutland, and a house in Aalborg. Bottom left is Christian Helmod Flyger.

Please note that there are also other Pflüger persons arriving in Denmark – they are not necessarily part of the family. Pflüger means “plow man” – and the name seen in many places in Germany.

The same writer C H Flyger has made ​​another genealogy document: “The family Ibsen Moller genealogy”. I’ve studied the ancestor mentioned in the book. Read more about Johan Volkmann Pflüger – a German soldier coming to Denmark (in Danish, sorry!).