Immigrants in Bjørn s family

Among Bjørns ancestors there are several immigrants from neighbouring countries. It was quite typical for Denmark – if you look back more than 50 years – that there was a relatively low number of persons from neighbouring countries finding their way to Denmark.

Especially from Germany (craftsmen and soldiers), Norway (which were united with Denmark for 700 years until 1815) and Sweden (where the southern part is actually ancient Danish heartland). The persons discovered so far are

Peder Lorentz Hersleb – priest from Norway coming around 1740. He worked as priest in Brønshøj near Copenhagen. The only immigrant well documented.

Johan Daniel Heinrich – came 1758 as contract soldier, from Hildburghausen in Germany. Settled down in Nothern Sealand, being a soldier until he died.

Maria Magdalene Neumeyer – before 1769, wife of the above soldier. Katholic, from Germany.

Gottfried Gerlach – came 1766 as contract soldier. Born in Lichtfeld in Poland (Western Preussia). Settled down as a gardener in Nothern Sealand.

Johan Backhaus(en) – came 1781 as contract soldier, from Hesse in Germany. Settled down in Copenhagen but died early.

Berendt Friderich Bisterfeldt – baker, seen in Copenhagen from 1713, the name suggests a german origin. No clues of where….

Nils Svenson – came before 1810, born in Sweden around 1785. Unfortunately he forgot to tell exactly where and when he was born! I can find 10 possible births of him….

Christian Duikweiter – worked as textile dyer from approx. 1810. Could have German or maybe Dutch origin?

Also I suspect a Nicolaj Peter Bastian Albrechtsen – to be a foreigner, came to Denmark before 1780. Recently I found his baptizing in Haderslev, his father being soldier Bastian Albertus. They settled in Nortern Sealand, and the father died early.

I know very little of their origin – so any information you may have, will be greatly appreciated.

Immigrants in Birgitte s family

Among Birgittes ancestors you find an entire line – all of her fathers mothers line – coming from Sweden. It was not only one person coming to Denmark, but three persons coming independently. These are

Jøns Månsson who was born 1850 in Østre Torp close to Malmø in Skåne, Sweden. He came to Denmark 1872, settled down as a tailorer in Copenhagen and obtained danish citizenship in 1909.

Carolina Andersson who was born 1849 somewhere in the deep forests of Sweden – in Holsljunga forsamling in the past Elfborg Län 100 km SE of Gothenborg. She came 1875 via Malmø to Copenhagen, and soon after married Jøns Månsson.

Johann Gottfried Jerling – a tailorer from Blekinge in Sweden. Born 1875 and living in Copenhagen between 1896 and 1903, where he was expelled from Denmark. The name sounds German, but he was a genuine Swede.

Also, you will find the German contract soldier Johan Volkmann Pflüger – came 1779 as contract soldier, born in Immenrode in Hohenstein, Germany. He lived for many years in Svendborg. His birth in 1754 has been found, see one of the Danish pages.

And amoung the Swedish line, there is a

Christian Chlisnik – working as a village blacksmith in Svenstorp in Skåne from 1754 to 1800. His name suggest a polish origin, but also here it is only guessing. He was born around 1715.

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