My ancestors

My ancestors are reflecting that I am a typical Danish person. The origin is most danes working on the countryside with agriculture.

There are a few immigrants from neighbouring countries, a few craftsmen, soldiers and priests. Nothing special, but typical danish!

In my database over ancestors …. you may find some of the 370 direct ancestors found. I have records on probably 1500 family persons. They mostly have been traced back to early 1700′ years.

The data presented here should be regarded as an appetizer. If we have common family, I would like to be contacted directly. All data will be for free on a non-commercial basis, but I would ask for some details on your part of the family….

You may access it directly here: Ancestors of Bjørn

Below you can find details of the localities, villages and areas where I have ancestors. It is mainly in the eastern part of Denmark.

Sjælland og øer Yellow and blue circles: Nothern Sealand:Yellow Cicle – Holbo County (Herred): Parishes

  • Blistrup, Esbønderup, Græsted, Søborg, Helsinge, Mårum, Valby and Vejby Upper Blue Circle – Lynge-Kronborg Country: Parishes
  • Fredensborg, Karlebo and Hørsholm – and Søllerød in the Copenhagen County. Lynge-Frederiksborg Country:
  • Frederiksborg parish in the City of Hillerød

Red Circle: Horns County on Sealand

  • Kyndby, Krogstrup, Vellerup, Ferslev, Gerlev, Gershøj, Sæby, and Kr. Hyllinge parishes

Lower Blue Circle: Southern Sealand, Baarse Countyand a line to the Isle of Møn:

  • Vordingborg, Kalvehave, Øster Egesborg, Udby, Allerslev, Beldringe parishes and
  • Stege Landsogn

Lower Red Circle: Nothern Falster; Falsters Nørre Herred:

  • Nørre Vedby, Nørre Alslev, Gundslev, Stadsager, Tingslev, Nr. Ørslev parishes

City line, primarily Copenhagen (also a blue circle)and lines back to other cities:

  • Copenhagen: Trinitatis, Holmens, Sct. Petri, Kgl. Fødselsstiftelse, Vor Frue, Brønshøj parishes
  • Other cities: Roskilde, Odense, St. Heddinge, Viborg, Vordingborg

Immigrants – see the page for these click on Immigrants in the left coloumn !


– Bjørn/February 2011